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Published at 4.10.1999
Author: Ronny Ziegler
Translator: Arzu Ziegler
Languages: de
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We want to report about news found in the Linux game sector and which games are still in development and waiting for a final release.

Games vs. OpenSource

The biggest weakness of the OpenSource concept can be found in the game sector. This is only the public perception; they do not take into account the work the programmers spend on the design that decides if a game is good or not.
Although an OpenSource code exists for Civilization on Linux (FreeCiv ), this program is not a serious competitor for Civ3-CTP from Lokisoft. The graphic are still too bad and your fastidious eyes will not enjoy this game. But they are working on it.

The open source game XTux has a design which is much better. Although the development of the native game is not completed the graphic shows with its 3D generated pictures what could be the level of Linux games.

It is impressive that only one person is responsible for this graphic. James Andrews did a very good job and this demonstrates that Open Source games are also able to look well.
Before you start playing, you should have a look at the homepage of XTux and in particular at the background story and the description of the characters. Responsible for programming the game and for the XTux homepage is David Lawrence who shows much humor on his web sites.

The game

But now back to the game.

If you have a look at the screenshot you will see that you steer your character (you do not have to take Tux; every other "person" can be taken also) from the birds-eye view.
Weaponed with the razor-sharp CDs you use as projectiles or with fireballs or atomic rockets, you are going to defeat the Linux/Un*x imperium against evil M$ employees, flamers and bugs. At the same time you should keep an eye on your coffin level and keep it high.
Until now the game has not included any riddles nor a direct influence to the objects on the playing field (except that you are able to destroy nearly all obstacles). Also you do not find any goals in the levels. Now the developers are working on exactly these points and the next version of XTux will offer much more fun for longer plays.

   Homepage XTux: http://www.adelaide.net.au/~philaw/
   Homepage Freeciv http://www.freeciv.org/
   Homepage Lokisoft, Civ3-CTP http://www.lokisoft.com/
   Homepage David Lawrence http://www.adelaide.net.au/~philaw/dave.html

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